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All the fire hose reels are being packed after 100% testings.  
For healty and easy use, the connection of hoses couplings are made with wire and plastics instead of bracelets.
The operating instructions on the arms of reels are written by screen printing. They are tear-resistant, nonfading and will be long lasting.
Fetaş is not using injected couplings, but instead forged aluminium couplings. As these couplings are being forged, they have harder structure and can withstand very high pressures.
  F200 Serisi

> F.200 Series

Fixed fire hose reels. For more information…
  F300 Serisi

> F.300 Series

Shaft type, swinging fire hose reels. For more information…

  F400 Serisi

> F.400 Series

Self standing fire hose reels. For more information…

  F500 Serisi

> F.500 Series

Fire hose trolleys. For more information…

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